Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Sun Dried Tomato and Roasted Pepper Courgetti GF SCD

When I spotted this recipe on The Tasty Alternative, I was inspired to make my own version of it. I love anything with a Mediterranean flavour and this recipe is grain free and suitable for the SCD.

Sun Dried Tomato and Roasted Red Pepper Courgetti GF SCD 

1 medium onion
4 medium courgettes (zucchini)
50g sun dried tomatoes
2 red peppers (or 1 yellow and 1 red)
2 large handfuls fresh organic spinach
3 large cloves garlic crushed
handful fresh basil leaves
sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
extra virgin olive oil
Kalamata olives - optional

Heat the oven to 180° C. Slice the peppers in half and de-seed them. I was making something else with roasted peppers so I roasted four but you only need two.

Place in a baking tin and drizzle with some extra virgin olive oil.

Roast in the oven for 40 minutes.

Meanwhile prepare all the other ingredients. Slice the onion and chop the sun dried tomatoes.

Peel the courgettes and spiralize using the julienne slicer or spiralizer.

When the peppers have roasted, chop them into pieces.

Heat a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil in a deep frying pan on a medium heat and add the onions, sun dried tomatoes and crushed garlic. Cook for about five minutes, stirring regularly until the onion is translucent. Add the spinach.

Continue to cook over a medium heat until the spinach in slightly wilted. Tip in the courgette noodles.

Continue to cook for about five minutes or until the noodles are just tender. Sprinkle with torn basil leaves and stir. Serve immediately.

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  1. Hello Vicky,

    This looks amazing! And I'm so glad you enjoyed the dish. It's one of my favorites. I absolutely love your addition of roasted red peppers and fresh basil. Perfect. I'm definitely going to try your rendition!!

    Thank you sweet friend!


  2. We loved it Amber! Thank you!!! Armed with my julienne peeler, I'm now bursting with ideas for recipes!

  3. Oh yes, I know what you mean! My next one is Pad Thai. I have the sauce, now I need the veggies. Zoodles are definitely in there!

    Food is so fun!

  4. That first photo is amazing! I can even see my husband going for this recipe, Vicky, and he's a true pasta lover, if you know what I mean! Don't you love it how in the gf blogging community, one good idea leads to another? ;-) And I love the word courgettes for zucchini. It sounds so much more upscale, yet friendly somehow. LOL Thanks for sharing, Vicky!


  5. Thank you Shirley! I served this to my daughter and husband and they loved it! It was the first time we had eaten zucchini noodles and most certainly won't be the last!

    I see so many recipes that I would like to try but since I work full time, I always opt for the quick and simple ones first! This recipe of Amber's and your cookie recipe certainly fit the bill in every respect!

    I wrote a few facts about courgettes on this post Stuffed Courgettes Zuccha is the Italian name for squash and Courgette is the French word for zucchini!

    Thank you for visiting, I'm sure if you made this your husband would love it!

  6. Hello dear Vicky! This looks delicious and is making me quite hungry! I just love being on the SCD! The food is so nourishing and delicious! You inspire me with all the fabulous recipes you share and your gorgeous photos are very helpful too! I am so glad you shared the Oxo Good Gripes julienne peeler. I will have to purchase one, so I can make this recipe! I always wanted to try this with the zucchini, but did not have the tool for it! I have not roasted peppers before and look forward to doing that as well! xo~Paula

  7. This looks so good! I'd have to serve the olives on the side as well :-)

  8. Thank you April! Hehe - they're not everybody's cup of tea - a little like marmite I think, you either love them or hate them!

  9. I just recently found this blog and I'm loving it. I've been eating according to scd for a few months and at first it was hard to come up with what to cook for the whole family. This blog is so helpful.

    I made this recipe today and in addition to myself, my husband an kids loved it.

    Thank you and greetings from Finland :)

  10. Thank you! I'm so pleased everyone enjoyed it!

    One of the most wonderful things about the internet is you can share to the rest of the world!

    The SCD can be a tough diet to follow and I totally know where you're coming from when you say it's difficult to find something the whole family can eat!

    Hope you're doing well on the diet!

    Thank you